Settling Down to Business

It has been nine months since I posted on my writing blog, and I’ve been missing in action on other social networks as well—2018 was incredibly busy for me. I drove to Texas from California last winter to meet my long-lost sister, Joan, and her family for the first time. I stayed longer than expected, thanks to my sister’s hospitality, and I managed to get in some decent writing time, publishing “The Elements of Style: Classic Edition 2018,” and starting a second book. In late summer, I headed north to central Illinois, where I spent four months meditating on the meaning of life. I had planned to stay for the winter and do some serious writing while snowed in; but when weather forecasters began predicting that “the worst winter in decades” was on the way, I decided to head back to sunny California.

Google sent me a graphic timeline of my travels in 2018, and as you can see, I got around! I put in nearly 7,000 miles on the road, stopping in several dozen towns along the way. After being a recluse since my son was killed ten years ago, I enjoyed being on the road, looking out across wide-open spaces and an ever-changing landscape. Now that I’m home, I’ve been thinking of ways to tie my writing and editing work into travel. SOmeone suggested that I give writing seminars on the road, which would make sense since I’ve taught writing off and on for forty years, and I have two bestselling grammar books under my belt. But first, I have a major kitchen remodel to do. Stay tuned for details!

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