E-Book Sales Up 2.4% This Summer

Good news for writers—sales of e-books improved this summer for the first time in two years! Publisher’s Weekly reports that e-book sales from trade publishers rose 2.4% in May 2017, led by a 3.2% gain in adult book sales, offsetting a 3.2% decline in children’s and YA books, and a 9.4% decline in the religious genre.

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E-book Sales Up in in May, for First Time in Two Years

In May-for the first time in more than two years-trade publishers’ sales of e-books rose over the comparable month in the prior year, the Association of American Publishers reported. E-book sales from the trade houses rose 2.4% in May 2017 over May 2016, the first time the format posted a monthly gain over the comparable year since March 2015.

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