An Exciting New Alternative to Twitter Coming Soon

Worldwide Public Square envisioned byb Gabor Cselle on the new T2 social network, an exciting new alternative to Twitter

As a massive outpouring of calls grows for an alternative to Twitter following its controversial acquisition by billionaire Elon Musk, several entrepreneurs with an established track record of success in the social networking space have announced plans to launch new social networks. The two most notable are: Gabor Cselle, who has developed properties acquired by […]

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Aww, Twitter Dissed Me :(

Dear Twitter Admins: Thanks for reviewing my request to be a “verified” Twitter user. I was disappointed that I am “not eligible” to be verified, especially after I saw today’s news: “On Tuesday, Twitter gave its preferred status, a verified check mark, to Jason Kessler, the creator of the white supremacist Charlottesville rally in August that […]

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